Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1 year check up

just for the record Rory had her first year check up last month and is meeting all bench marks easily. She weighed in at 21.6 lbs and 30 inches. In the month since this check up she has done nothing but eat, so I am guessing (by my sore biceps) that she has put on some lbs since then. I just wanted to get it in the books (since a baby book is non-existent at this point, the blog will have to do). Also wanted to record a few details of Rory at 1. She loves to eat avocados, bananas, cheerios, granola bars, yogurt (peach is her fav), broccoli, and grilled cheese. Annie's whole wheat and alredo mac and cheese is quickly becoming a staple. She continues to drink a ton of water, wasn't wild about cow's milk in the sippy. no juice still. As for her favorite activities, she still loves weebles, loves to shoot hoops, likes to ride her tricycle, LOVES to be outside (in fact would stay at her sand/water table in the back yard as long as I would let her) likes bubbles, is obsessed with dogs, generally likes to re-arrange anything, is a hug flirt,loves to have people around (started crying monday morning when she realized all our weekend guests had left and it was just her and I) loves to give hugs and kisses. She is totally entertained by outings to the zoo, omsi, the park, the store, and well, really anywhere. She has become quite the shopper, I think due to her time with Baba every week. She likes to take things off the rack and carry them around while "commenting" on them. She is also really into those musical cards- we have them stashed EVERYWHERE. She is signing a bunch. she can say, car, bath, dog, cat, monkey, house, bird, mom, dad, grandma, aunt, all-done, more, sleep, milk, please, thank-you, water, food, cereal, no, music... I know there are more I am just blanking at the moment. This whole entry is really more for my benefit then any of you readers. I was at shannon's today and she said how much fun it was to go back and read the journals she had kept when connor was a baby and I realized I should be better about blogging since that is essentially acting as my journal and baby book for the moment. Rory is at such a fun, very busy, but fun age. I love our outings and how excited she gets when I get home from work. I know that I am blessed and that things are good. ~Britt


Shahnaz said...

Hey Britt,
What a treat to have so many updates on your blog! (This coming from someone who checks all her fave blogs several times/day in case anyone has updated them).
I'm trying to be better about blogging because it's my form of journaling on the kids these days too. I'm not so good at it, but I already regret not having written more things down about Owen, so I have to try harder.
Looking forward to seeing you guys tonight.

Heather Don McPherson said...

Hi Brittany! I was so happy and surprised when I found your blog (don't ask how - I don't remember the series of clicks). It's great to see you and your beautiful family! I hope this doesn't freak you out to much, but I love reading about your adventures in motherhood.

Take care,
Heather Dion McPherson