Sunday, June 28, 2009

Furball 2009

The Maloney clan sponsers a golf tournament (it used to be 3 on 3 basketball, but everyone got too old) every year for a charity that honors a member of the family that died of kidney disease. see for more info. It is a super cool event and lots of fun. It amazes me each year how much dedication it takes and how successful mike and shannon are at hosting such a big event. I used to help out and volunteer- but with the kiddos that became difficult so now I just go and hang out. I got to spend the day at the oregon golf club driving a cart around and sitting on the 8th whole watching the groups come through. It was lots of fun and since Rory and Lucy were the only kids there they got lots of attention. Rory even wore her golf outfit and brought her little clubs. I think they raised over 6,000 dollars this year and it was a lot of fun.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Children's Rose Parade

Here are some pictures from the Children's Rose Parade last week. We decided that the big parade is too chaotic for little ones so we would take them to the children's parade instead. My parents brought Owen and my grandparents up from Corvallis and Mandy, her mom, and George met us there. We had enough grandparents with us that Mandy and I barely touched the kids, which I enjoy being free to chat and take pictures. It worked out perfect to have lunch at Laurelwood and then just head out right at parade time. I could not believe how mandy people were already sitting outside 3 hours before the parade even started. It was super fun, a little too hot near the end, but a new tradition I am sure.
The back row trying to shade the babies.

Rory showing off her sunscreen application skills.

Grandma Addie on Lucy patrol

Baby George turned 1 week old during the parade!

when asked to smile Rory replied, "no pictures mommy, I am clapping!"

The Corvallis crew

Rory was serious about parade watching.

So Cute! Rory insists on holding Owen's hand and Owen is such a great sport.

Grandpa Stan with baby Lucy

Is she 2 or 95?