Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Owen turns 3-recap

So Brady and Shahnaz put on a great party at their house for Owen's 3rd birthday. They claim it was all low-key and last minute- but it had lots of creatity and fun details. Basically my dad made the wagons into pirate ships and sent the kids on a treasure hunt. Rory got to sit with the older kids (thanks Caden!) and was rocking the super tight jean jacket (thanks Aunt Madi!). In one of the pics Rory is attacking Quincy with a kiss- that is kind of her thing- she goes straight to 2nd base! The other picture shows Shahni feeding the 2 babies- like 2 little birds in a nest. 2 very hungry birds- they are too cute together. It was a really fun day with LOTS of babies and lots of friends and family. ~Britt

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