Sunday, November 7, 2010

halloween craziness.

This is one of those posts that i envisioned spending lots of time recalling the details of the whirlwind of a weekend and retelling the story of all the events that took place. the reality is that if i do that, this will never get posted and i have exactly one friend left who is not on fb, that i promised i would update the blog with halloween pics, so for her sake i am going to just post the pics and get it done. the gist is that we attended a party at rory's school, hosted a party at our house for 11 kids and 30ish adults, participated in the crazy neighborhood parade, and trick or treated. the girls loved it all and did well w/ no major melt downs. we even seemed to manage the sugar intake. (well, except for this- it was lucy's first attempt at helping bake cupcakes- i had to let her)

We once again found ourselves surrounded by so many wonderful family and friends, it was a really fun day.