Saturday, August 16, 2008

Grandma time

My mom sent this video to me after babysitting Rory for an evening. It is a bit long, but I couldn't figure out how to shorten the format she sent me. She said that Rory did this forever. We sit in our rocking chair every night and I read to her and then tuck the books down by my side- so I can see she is mimicking that. The glasses are my moms- we will be charging her for Rory's future eye problems! This was one of those things that I am glad was captured, b/c while it seems so common now- it will be the moments that get forgotten with all the busy life stuff. She changes so fast, I am trying to capture more of her mannerisms at each stage. For instance, it is on my to-do list to get some video of her talking. It is so cute and changing every day, soon we will forget that she calls madi maaaaahiiiiii and the word "no" sounds like a cow mooooing. She has more words then I can count and it basically happened over night. She is still signing a bunch and that helps us reinforce her verbal vocabulary. We hung out with Robin and Justin and baby Jack a few nights ago, it was so great to see them easing so gracefully into parenthood. I don't think I looked that put together for several more months- if ever. Jack is adorable and Rory was really sweet with him. She was very intent on keeping tabs on what he was doing. If he fell asleep, she let us all know that the baby was sleeping. I love that the circle of friends with babies is expanding and we get to spend time with all these amazing new human beings. Hopefully we will have lots of opportunity to do that before February so that Rory gets some baby time before her sib arrives. Anyway, hope all are staying cool- We are debating having a family camp out in the basement as the other 2 floors are just too hot. Enjoy the video, and thanks mom for thinking to film it!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

So I have gotten WAY behind on blogging, but I am going to make a valiant effort to catch up and do better about staying current. I so look forward to other people updating their blogs- so I figured I better return the favor. This time I am not totally to blame. My laptop blew up and so now to get any screen time I have to use Pat's. Sharing computers may not be his strongest skill. Anyway, so way back in June Mandy and I took Rory to the children's rose parade. I mostly wanted to check it out so that in coming years I knew what I was dealing with. She is still young enough this year we could have bailed if it was crazy, but by next year if we say we are going to a parade I have a feeling I better produce a parade! Anyway, it was really fun and cute. lots of people, some of which appeared to do the whole sidewalk lawn chair camp out thing- we just walked up at the last minute and sat on someone's steps and enjoyed the view. Rory really liked the dairy float with a mascot cow on it- she had just learned to sign cow- and was very happy to use her new word. She also loved all the marching bands and drums. Overall I'd say it is definitely something to add to our growing list of traditions. Maybe next year we will get organized earlier and get a group to go together. ~Britt oh yeah- this last shot is of rory's "whatchu talking bout Willis?" face. classic.

blog name change...

So we are going to have to change the blog name from PB&R to PBR&...? Here is a first glimpse at the newest addition to the maloney clan. He/she is due to make an appearance on valentine's day 2009. Rory is super excited (she demonstrated this by kissing her baby and then throwing it on the ground!- ala jeff lewis for those of you who watch flipping out.) and we are confident she will make a fabulous big sister. All is going well and we are all doing fine. Pat has been a bit extra tired lately, but he blames the pregnancy and is sure he will be fine- nothing a little XBOX 360 college football can't fix. the video I added is only 3 seconds long and I am not sure it will work- but I thought I would try. Enjoy, Britt