Saturday, February 28, 2009

It has taken me a full week, but here are the pics from Lucy's birthday. Of course there are a ton more, but until I figure out how to put them in slideshow form, this will have to do. Overall it was such a great event. It went as well as you could hope, very peaceful and relaxed and quick! All the grandparents got to come in fairly soon after her birth and madi did a great job of capturing at least one picture of lucy with each of them
Rory got to come in as well and meet her new sister. She wore her Dr. outfit and charmed all the hospital staff.
Through out the rest of the day we had visitors and hung out and celebrated. Shahnaz and the boys made it at the end of the evening and the cousins got to meet.

Literally as Lucy was born there was a double rainbow outside the window!
In the week since then things have gone so well. Rory has taken her new role as big sis very seriously and is even starting to ditch the binky a bit more since that is only for babies like lucy! She is very concerned for lucy and if she cries rory immediately says "quick, get orange blanket" (orange blanket is rory's trusty companion who she recently started talking on the phone to) or sits next to her and sings. It is such a different experience this time, with Lucy continuing to be super mellow. she does try to nurse 24/7 but we are working on that. anyway, thanks for all your well wishes, phone calls, texts, and visits. Lucy is one lucky girl.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lucy Mae Maloney

Just wanted to briefly introduce Lucy to the blog. She was born on Sunday at 4pm (checked in at the hospital at 1:30), after a fast and furious labor and delivery. I avoided being induced which was awesome and overall the process was much more peaceful and enjoyable then Rory's birth. THe timing was perfect and lots of family and friends were able to meet her. I am totally sleep deprived and am typing like I used to type term papers, half asleep and unaware of what I am writing until I go back and read it later. Soooo, here are the stats and then I will add more later.
Lucy Mae Maloney
DOB 2-22-09 4pm
9lbs, 10.6 oz
21.5 inches

Pictures and details to follow... post nap!

Friday, February 20, 2009

41 weeks

just an update.... No baby yet. I am 6 days past my official due date and 12 days past my ultrasound due date. Things are going fine- just getting very big and very immobile. Rory reports that the baby in her tummy is coming soon and that it kicks her and makes her lay down because her back hurts. This has been a great lesson in just how much our kids mimic and learn from our actions- it is like having a constant reflection of what I say and do, including the groans when I sit down- although hers are a bit more dramatic! She also reports that the baby in her tummy is a boy and that it will be named catherine- so go figure. At 36 weeks I was convinced we were having this baby early, and Pat promised everyone a January baby- so just goes to show how much none of us really knows about this process. Unless something happens this weekend we will induce on Tuesday. As of today this baby is officially a pisces instead of an aquarius. If it comes tomorrow it and I would share a bday, which would be fine with me. So thank you to all for the calls, emails, texts and well wishes. We are fine and just trying to live in the moment and enjoy these last days of being a family of 3 and of having the ability to easily get a babysitter! Pat and I went to the blazer game on wed. and the man who works in our section who has watched me get bigger and bigger throughout the season was SHOCKED when he saw me there- he just started laughing at me. none of us thought I would be at that game. We had dinner at Montage afterward and Channig Frye was there- he is my favorite Blazer so that made the night worth the trekking to the game. I am definitely starting to ramble- thanks for all your nice thoughts- now start focusing on an easy and pain free labor- those exsist right? I will text/email/blog with any updates!

Friday, February 13, 2009

39ish weeks.

So mandy and I got a coupon for free pictures at babies r us when we went to register her for baby stuff, so we decided to recreate the cheesy highschool back to back picture ala prego style. I think they are actually pretty cute, and actually the only pictures I have of my belly this time around. She is around 25 weeks so just starting to really pop- I on the other hand look like not only have I popped- I am nearly going to burst. This was last week- this week is even worse. The 8th was my ultrasound due date and it has come and gone. Tomorrow (Happy Valentine's Day btw) is my official due date and I suspect will come and go as well. My Doc is okay letting me go 10 days before inducing (something I am trying to avoid) so if nothing else we will go in to be induced on the 24th. I guess I might have to return the aquarius onsie I bought- I really can't believe that this baby wasn't early- go figure. I am still content to enjoy my last days of relative freedom, but am getting increasingly immobile and uncomfortable. Rory and I have been hanging a bit closer to home lately as the outings to OMSI, the children's museum etc. are just exhausting at this point. I think next week may be a long one- but we will embrace it as our last as a family of 3! One way or another we are days away from welcoming miss or mr maloney into the world! We will keep you posted and wish me luck!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Rory pics

We recently had the opportunity to hang out with our friend PK and he brought over his amazing camera and took some pics of rory playing. THere were a ton of photos- but these are the ones that he then took the time to edit, crop and enhance. It is amazing how cool he can make a regular snapshot after the fact. Just thought I would share! The best part was that Rory was just hanging out in normal clothes, crazy hair and all- so I think they really capture her on a daily basis- versus a fancy photo shoot style. Enjoy an THANKS pk!!!