Wednesday, January 28, 2009

OMSI playdate

A few weeks ago we got to go to OMSI with my friend Nicole (we were neighbors in grade school and then again in portland 20 some years later!) Nicole's daughters are 2 of the few girl kiddos we know- seriously everyone else Rory knows her age is a boy! It was a fun day and a lot of blonde hair and blue eyes!

Papa's 60th Birthday

So I am a month behind but here are some pics from Pat's dad's 60th birthday. Not only are we lucky to have such great family- we are lucky to have a lot of it! Rory has 8 great grandparents alive and living in Portland/Corvallis area- pretty cool! I particularly love the picture of rory and Great-Grandma Maloney talking- they look like they are in serious conversation! This celebration was also made special by the presence of our niece Sabine. I love seeing Rory and her together, they are just really sweet together. We look forward to summer when she returns for a bit longer visit and can play with the new baby.

big girl bed

Just a few pics of Rory's new big girl bed. So far we haven't pushed for her to sleep there since that means she gets control of when she gets up! She has taken some naps there and really likes it. Mostly it has been where she stashes her treasures and plays with her baby.

artist focus

Here is Rory and I at a ceramics painting place recently working on some gifts. I was absolutely amazed at how much focus she showed and patience. She waited for instructions and was very meticulous in her painting. The final product was awesome and we had so much fun!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Harry Potter

So this post is entirely for my own record keeping. I kept a belly book for my pregnancy with Rory, but as 2nd children all over the world know, things are different the second time around. So as I sat awake in the middle of the night last night- I thought- "I should at least blog some stuff about the pregnancy so it is recorded somewhere". So here I am- just be warned this isn't that interesting to probably anyone but me, so feel free to skip this one. As for the reason I was up in the middle of the night and the reason for the dorky name of this post, my scar has started to be really painful. Normally it is inverted and puckered with extra skin (it is about 3 inches long on my abdomen from surgery I had as an infant) but at this point in the pregnancy it is stretched to the max and starting to hurt! I don't think it has any power to tell me when my enemies are near (another dorky HP reference) but it feels like it is going to bust open (my dr. assures me this is not the case.). So my official due date is Feb. 14th, with the ultrasound putting it at Feb. 8th, so just a few more weeks. Things that have differed this time around is that I am lot less active, more fatigued and got way bigger-way faster. THe baby is hanging really low so walking very far is out of the question- I can't even imagine swinging a golf club, which is how we passed the time in week 41 with Rory. I have gained 12 lbs so far, but none in the last few weeks so who knows where I will end up at the end. I think I was about 16 with Rory. I haven't craved as many different foods this time, but the ones I have craved have been a hard itch to scratch. For some reason chocolate cake has been on my mind at least 3 nights a week, but I can't seem to find the product that actually satisfies the craving. Actually, not true- the co-op in corvallis sells the one cake that has been absolutely heaven! I have had a pretty limited apetite for most of the pregnancy, but I am anticipating the "nursing hunger" I experienced with rory- much more desperate then anything I experienced while pregnant. I have been obsessed with juice. Can't get enough of it- doesn't matter what kind. All the medical stuff has been uneventful- totally normal, healthy pregnancy so far. My blood pressure remains low, and I continue to have some fainting symptoms. I only actually passed out the one time at work (totally embarrassing) but have had dizzy spells off and on. The only other difference this time that stands out for me is the lack of anxiety. I was so ready and anxious to meet rory that 41 weeks was almost torture. This time I know what to expect with delivery and in the first months and am more then happy to let this baby hang out as long as he/she likes! I am still really excited to meet him/her, however I know that all good things take time and am happy to wait (and get more things done off my list!!!) I think that's all I can think of. Now at least this baby can't say that I didn't write down anything for him/her! I will keep everyone posted on baby developments, Britt

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Beaver Bowl Game

Here are some pics from the Beaver Bowl Game. They are mostly of Rory playing the new Wii like a champ! She says, "hold trigger" then she swings her arm and says "Wwwiiiii". It is pretty cute and she actually bowls better then I do!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas part 3

I know, I know, I am seriously behind on the blogging. I didn't forget about our third and final Christmas celebration, I just haven't been able to find time to get on the computer sans rory. Anyway, it was a really fun day spent at Grandma Dawni's house with Brady, Shahnaz, the boys, Lourdes and Jo, Ginnie, and Jimmy. Pat unfortunately caught the bug that was ripping through the family at that point and went home sick. It was a little dicey getting everybody and presents into the house since my mom's street was still covered in snow/ice, but once inside it was toasty warm and lots of fun. Rory was also under the weather at this point so pictures of her are pretty pathetic. We spent the day opening gifts, playing with gifts (the cash register we got for Owen and Q was a hit- except Owen was charging $17 for a latte!) and eating, eating, eating. We were in charge of cooking the meat and by we I mean Pat. So when he went home sick I was up to bat. I think I did pretty good for my first time cooking that much meat ( I am usually a grill kind of girl)- and we as usual had soooo much yummy food. Rory and I had Jimmy give us a ride home in his huge truck only to return to my mom's the next morning for pancakes and some Wii. Owen was really good at Wii bowling. It was a great celebration and an official end to the crazy weather. I spent my childhood having Christmas's at my grandma's house, so I am so thankful that Rory gets to continue with that tradition.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas part 2

So after the trying travels of Christmas Eve we were so pleased to have a relaxing Christmas at home. Rory slept in (all the way til 8am!!!) and then made her way downstairs to wait for Baba and Papa (pat's parents) to arrive. She literally waited by the door and watched through the mails slot for like 20 minutes. We have decided that Christmas mornings each year will be spent at our house with anyone who wants to join us more then invited. This year we had pat's parents and his brother Kevin and niece Sabine join us. Sabine lives in Vermont so it is always a special treat to have her visit. We had planned to cook a special breakfast using recipes from our childhoods, but due to the travel issues of the day before and the lack of access to a grocery store in the week leading up to the holidays we had to punt. Luckily Pat's mom is nothing if she's not prepared and brought with her sausage, yummy rolls, extra eggs, juice etc. Basically she saved the day, although pat did make quite an impressive show out of the things he found at the 7-11 in our neighborhood. So we opened stockings, ate tons of food and opened lots of presents. It was lovely, casual, fun, and felt like Christmas should. Rory's big gift was a kitchen from Pat's parents so Kevin spent some time putting that together (under the supervision of rory of course) and Sabine gave rory some lessons on how to play with it. They are soooo cute together and Rory literally follows Sabine around mimicking her- in this pic, she had put on Sabine's coat and boots and was calling herself Sabine. Sabine got an American Girl doll and shrieked like only 6 year old girls can. She was so excited and it was fun to watch the girls get into all their new stuff. Rory perfected her thank yous and hug giving and seemed to enjoy giving the gifts as much as getting them (well, maybe not quite). My big present from Pat was a new camera, so I had fun playing around with that. I can't believe what great pictures it takes and I look forward to spending some time with the manual learning all the cool tricks. After naps for everyone we made the trek up to Pat's parents house and enjoyed dinner there. It was fun because Joanne stayed busy playing with the girls and I got a break and even got a present made. Pat cooked a HUGE prime rib and we had an absolutely wonderful meal together. Again, casual and laid back was the theme of the day.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas part 1

I know I am terribly behind, but I have been focusing all my freetime (as if there is an abundance) on getting my pre-baby to-do list in order. Since Christmas was, as usual a complete whirlwind of multiple days and locations, I am going to get it documented in steps. So Christmas Part I included Christmas Eve at my Dad's house in Corvallis. We were supposed to go down Christmas Eve morning and return that night at Rory's bedtime but the threat of more snow pushed us to leave on the 23rd. So we packed up in a matter of minutes and made a mad dash south....with the rest of Portland. It was insane. It took us 5 1/2 hours to get there and was a more sketchy drive then any over the pass we have taken. Between the ice, snow, ruts in the road, and LOTS of people it was just plain maddening. But, we made it and rory was a champ. We did have to resort to plugging in the laptop and letting her watch a Dora episode to get through hour 5, a first that I am just fine with- at that point I would have done anything to keep everyone in the car sane. In fact, Rory might have been the most patient! Anyway, we made it and Rory got to spend the night at Papa Stan and Grandma Linda's much to her delight. They have fun toys and different books and lots of adoring attention. We spent a frantic but fun day on the 24th running last minute errands, visiting with family, eating and opening presents. It is always fun when rory gets to spend time with the boy cousins, the 3 of them are just so cute! Rory got a recorder (thanks aunt madi- you too someday will have children!) and perfected her surprised oohs and aahs look with each present. Just when she thought the fun was over she was told to wait with daddy while one more was brought in. this picture captures her displeasure of having to wait- too funny. The grand finale was that my dad had renovated (I mean top to bottom redone) the doll house that he had originally made for me. I think as much as rory loved it, it really was a gift for me. I remember it distinctly (and wish we had taken before pics) and it has been stored at my parents house and then my garage (where it briefly served as living quarters to a nice family of mice) for the past 20 years. It now is amazing. My dad fixed up all the broken parts and then added additions of gaurdrails for the stairs, a whole new floor, a new patio etc. He also repainted the entire thing, gave it a new roof and updates such as accent walls, river rock fireplace (used to be brick), hardwood floors, and handmade tiny shutters. It is truly beautiful and will be cherished! The best part is that it is big and open so all three cousins can play in it (literally) at the same time. So that was a great way to finsih the day. We then decided to head home early due to yet again the threat of more snow so we missed Owens pageant and hit the road. Since we didn't wait to leave until rory's bedtime and we had to leave aunt madi in corvallis the ride home was a bit more stressful then the way up. It started with the realization that the dollhouse was not going to fit in the jeep- I was fine with that, but as I loaded Rory in the car she noticed it's absence and started her lip quivering inquiries about where "Rory's big house" was. It was heart breaking, I was so glad my dad had left for the pageant- I am not sure he could have handled the pathetic sobs from my daughter. So that is how we started the trip home and 4 hours later as we pulled in we answered for the 9 millionth time "the doll house stayed in corvallis- Grandpa will bring it to you next week" Seriously the longest car ride EVER. It felt so good to be home we let rory run around a bit (even though it was already super late for her to be up) and just cherished the good feelings of being in our house with our tree and our kid on Christmas Eve. With all the snow outside it really was a very peaceful feeling. Pat says next year we are staying home, but I would do it all again if it means getting to spend time with everyone- we are just so lucky to have such great family!