Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the 4th

I had hopes of finding time to blog about all the adventures that happened on our 9 day sunriver trip-however these days I can't even get the dishes done- so blogging is a no-go. Needless to say the 4th was super fun- started the day with the animal parade in Bend- quite a sight! Then we hit the Sunriver fireman's picnic where Rory ruled the bounce house and Lucy got great use out of the pop-up shade tent I had bought- it was HOT! We ended the day with a bbq at the house and then into the village for some music and dancing. True to tradition- Rory and Sabine got ice cream from Goodies (something I did as a kid) and Rory LOVED it. The girls danced- the adults relaxed with drinks and lounge chairs- it was really fun. By the end of the day Rory was a mess- doing a sugar prompted version of the hokey pokey- I will keep trying to get that video up- so far no luck. Thanks to BrieAnne for the girls matching outfits- they got lots of compliments!

Oh yeah- the girls also made a happy birthday America cake- they each got their own cake and decorations thanks to Joanne- they were so focused and into it- a great project!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

corvallis visit

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The girls and I spent an overnight in Corvallis a few weeks ago and were able to meet up with the cousins for dinnerand spend some quality time with the grandparents. It was a super fun trip and one we plan on repeating throughout the summer.


Just wanted to post a couple of pictures of Rory and her friend Eli. Mandy, Lisa (Eli's mom) and I have been close friends since middle school so it is so cool to see our kiddos hanging out. Rory and Eli are the same age and Lucy, George and Niaya (due in august) will all be the same age. So fun!!! This was Eli's first zoo trip so Rory took it upon herself to show him the ropes. She looks like the littlest tourist in her white shoes and map. Every time I would ask her if she was ready to move on to another exhibit she would say "let me just look and see if they are there, and what time they open" and a variety of other things she thought she could read from the map. Looking forward to many more zoo adventures with this crowd!

summer fun...

A new favorite of ours is fridays at jamison park in the pearl. I have been doing stroller strides there and then we stay and play in the fountainride scooters/eat lunch and hang out. Rory loves the water and with it getting hotter it should be a fun summer tradition. A great place for a playdate if any of you portlanders are interested....