Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lucy 6 month photo shoot

August Sunriver trip- trying to catch up on blogging!!!

Our second week long adventure in Sunriver this summer included lots of park time, sewing (rory even helped sew a doll quilt), music in the village, 1st time cookie baking, pony rides (no hesitation this time!) hanging out with the cousins and spending time with Dr. Mandy and her family. Pat joined us for both weekends, but the girls and I stayed with my mom for the week. We of course continued the tradition of eating ice cream at Goody's and started what I hope to be a new tradition of going to south twin lake for some swimming and picnic- it was beautiful and i liked letting the girls swim in something other then a pool! Another fun addition was eating at flatbread in Bend. Rory loved getting to make her own pizza- definitely something we will make a habit. It was fun, but it seemed like we weren't home at all this summer. We have enjoyed our Portland time since being home and have had lots of fun play dates.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

funny rory conversations...

So Rory is quite verbal these days and pretty funny too. I just wanted to write these down so I don't forget them later. you may or may not be as amused as I am!
(repeat from fb)
me: Rory, why don't you go play coffee shop?
Rory: okay- mom, do you want a coffee or a caramel machiato?
me: a caramel machiato? what is that?
Rory: It is a coffee drink. I just need to know if you want salt or pepper.

since then the conversation has gone...

Me:rory- usually people don't put salt or pepper on their coffee, they usually put cream or sugar.
5 minutes passes
Rory: mom- here is your coffee and I added sour cream for you.

Another amusing conversation from this morning. We had been home all morning and Rory had spent most of the morning w/o a diaper (not by design, I just hadn't gotten to it yet!) and had used her potty several times on her own.
Me: Rory- I am noticing that you are using your potty a lot today and doing a great job. Does it help you to remember to use the potty when you get to be naked?
Rory: Yes, then I will be on the potty train.

seriously, she cracks me up. on a Lucy note- she has fully mastered sitting up and is so anxious to follow her sister around she has started to sort of launch herself from a sitting position onto her belly, hands outstreached in hopes of getting to her desired destination, which is usually rory. She gets around in all ways but crawling and has showed just how tough she is by not even blinking when her head has met hardwood floor.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cape Cod and AJ's wedding

2 weekends ago I ventured with Lucy, Madi and my mom to Cape Cod to celebrate AJ's wedding. It was a whirlwind 4 days. Flying cross counry with a 5 month old is an adventure and I was so thankful to have madi and mom along. Lucy was a champion traveler, possibly better then any of the adults. I think at one point I realized that she had been strapped to my body via the ergo for approx 12 hours straight. I was the matron (that sounds soooo old!) of honor so had lots of things to do while there and my mom and madi took the lead on Lucy care. In the 2 days we were there that we weren't traveling we fit in a bridal shower, a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. Basically it was a blur of great food, outfit changes, meeting new people, and enjoying time with AJ and seeing her hometown. Scott (her groom) is so great and they seem wonderful together. We got to eat lobster at the rehearsal dinner (thanks AJ and Scott!!) and triple crown champion chowder at Mr Parkers (a local recomended this and it was awesome!) and enjoyed a brief pitstop at the beach on our way off the cape. very Jaws. The wedding itself was beautiful and so much was hand done by AJ- it was truly amazing. She made our flowers (knitted), sewed her own dress, baked and decorated the cake, made all the favors and programs and it was all perfect! Thanks to mom and Madi for coming with me and making the whole thing doable and thanks to AJ and Scott for letting me be a part of such a special day.

lucy's first food

So this was almost a month ago now, but wanted it recorded for memory sake. I am trying to get caught up on blogging in the next week or so. This is from our 4th of July SR trip when we gave Lucy her first food. We waited until 6 months to give Rory food b/c of family food allergies, so by the time we started her she was physically really good at eating right from the beginning. This time around our pediatrician advised us to start Lucy at 4 months because she is so big (at that time she was the size of an average 8mos. old) she needs the food. So needless to say she is a little less skilled, but totally loved it and has been a champion eater ever since. There is video- but have not yet been successful at uploading it to blogger (any tips?)

A Week in Sunriver

It's funny that I am just now blogging about the week we spent in Sunriver over the fourth of July because I am currently again spending a week in Sunriver- maybe I will get that posted by the time school starts. Anyway, the week started with Pat's cousin and family for a few days which was so fun and great for Rory as she loved spending time with the older kidsl. Then we were joined by Pat's parents, his brother and our niece Sabine. Sabine lives in VT, so her visits are special and highly anticipated by Rory. This week was marked by a lot of firsts for the girls. Lucy ate her first solid foods (more on that in a seperate post), Rory got to ride a big girl bike for the first time (thanks papa John!!) Rory had her first sleep over (well, just down the hall with cousin Katie and Connor- but still counts!) Rory rode her first pony and Lucy logged her first pool time. I had over 200 pictures from the week- but here are a few highlights. Our trip also included a trip to the children's museum in Bend, a fabulous anniversary dinner and night out in Bend for Pat and I, dancing at the village concert, shopping, Papa John's waffles and lattes, a really fun 4th celebration (see previous post), lots of bbqing, and good old fashioned QT with the fam.