Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rory turns 1- recap

This seems like a long time ago now- a whole month! Looking back it is clear that we celebrated in style and that she loved every minute of her birthday celebrations, especially the singing. On her actual birthday many people called to sing to her- at the conclusion of each call she would sign "more" "music" - so finally Joanne called and we missed it- so she left the singing on the VM. It was perfect- I just kept hitting repeat all day and Rory could hear her special song as much as she wanted (trust me it was a lot!). Besides lots of singing, she got lots of wonderful presents and cards. The invention of the musical card has been a lasting gift. for those of you with babies- it is the cheapest entertainment ever. ROry got a couple of them for her birthday as did pat and I for our birthdays. We now keep one in the diaper bag, one in the car, one in the ergo and one in each stroller- they make for very compact very effective entertainment! Joanne reports that when they go to target Rory immediately wants to go to the card section and pick out one to take home. Recently she picked out the electric slide- go figure. ANyway- back to her bday- on her actual day we went to dinner at a local pub and she got to have some apple cobbler. the other pics are of her with her cake at her party. It was a lot of fun! enough rambling. ~Britt

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