Monday, September 14, 2009

1/2 year check in...written a few weeks ago

So lucy recently turned 6 months old and Rory is weeks away from being officially 2 1/2. I felt I should update a little about where they are at this point in time, more for my memory's sake then anything. Pat has been gone to vegas and then on a business trip, so it has been "girls night out, woooohoooo" ~rory, every night. I keep using Pat's absence as an excuse/motivation for her to get things done, for instance "Let's redecorate the bathroom and suprise daddy" or "let's put away all your toys and reorganize them so that when daddy gets home he will be surprised." It backfired last night when rory told me, "mommy, I love murphy (my mom's dog). We should go get a dog so we can suprise daddy!" yes Rory, that would certainly be a suprise and no. rory is loving school, continues to be amazingly verbal, and has had recent huge growth spurts. Pat noticed that she no longer has toddler legs- she is a string bean of a girl- no more baby!
Lucy continues to be one of the most active babies I have known. constantly moving. she is crawling and lights up with smiles at the drop of a hat. she loves to play and is very vocal about it. she watches rory like a hawk and you can see her trying to mimic her. we are starting to sign with her and she is starting to get the wave thing down. She continues to be a good sleeper- but prefers being near someone for best results- she is a total cuddle bug.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

1st day of school!!

I love school!! It was only preschool- but so much fun taking Rory to her first day today.
Pat suprised us and came home from work to escort Rory on her first day. I was so proud of her, she just kissed us goodbye and away she went. This is when I wish I was a good writer so that I could accurately describe the variety of emotuons that today held. I contemplated hanging around "just in case", but decided that if something goes awry that it would be better for her to deal on her own from the very beginning. BTW- Pat went back to look through the window TWICE- it was very cute! The end of class report from teacher Angie was all positive. I got the sense that Rory was a bit quieter then usual, but I can just imagine her standing there watching the kids and trying to figure it all out. I guess there were some brief tears when another girl painted Rory's hair and face green, but she recovered and was all smiles by the time I got there to pick her up. The funny thing is, Lucy was out of sorts all day- I think she missed Rory!! As Rory was going down for her nap today here was the conversation.
Rory "I can't go to sleep mom, I have to go to school"
Me "You already went to school this morning, we just got home from school"
Rory with a giggle "Oh yeah, I forgot!"
It obviously didn't leave a lasting impression.