Monday, December 31, 2007

Rory's first day in the snow

So many firsts, so little time. We are over in Sunriver for the week and enjoying every minute of it. There was 8 inches of snow the first night and 2-3 inches each night since then so each morning is beautiful. Brady and Shahni and the boys are here along with several other friends. We took all the kids out to play in the snow. Owen and Caden made a snow man and the babies all enjoyed using Rory's new sled. Pat and Shahnaz both got their workouts in being the sled pullers. Attached are some photos of Rory's first snowday.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rory's 1st Christmas

Although we have several events to chronicle- and I hope I get time in the next few days to catch up on posting pictures from our various holiday celebrations, I just wanted to add a few things from Rory's first Christmas morning. It is fitting that the only sign she knows is "more" after ripping and eating each piece of wrapping paper, she would excitedly sign "more". I think she has the spirit of Christmas pretty much down- just kidding. It is wonderful to be in our own home, with our tree and new stockings and see how excited she is for each new treasure that comes her way. She also started calling her grandparents who are here by their name, Baba, Papa and grandma- still no mama, but that's okay- I love how excited the grandparents got- it added to the feeling of Christmas. And of course, it was sheer delight when we finally realized (thanks to a phone call from Aunt Lynne) that it is snowing. (we don't have time to look out the window- we have to look at the baby!!) It is so cool that Rory(and Quincy, and Eli, and Cole, and Finn and Tate and all the other 2007 babies) have a 1st Christmas that is a white Christmas!! I hope each of you has a wonderful holiday. For those of you we don't get to see, I hope this helps share Rory's 1st Christmas, and for those of you we got to celebrate with, THANK YOU for making her first Christmas so special! Merry Christmas! ~PB&R

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

She's brilliant...

So Rory had her 9 month well-check today. Other then a cough and runny nose they basically said she is brilliant. I think the doctor was most impressed when Rory tried her distraction technique and was able to steal not only the doctor's pen but her paper clip as well- all in one stealthy motion. She is leveling out on the growing- a bit of a sting bean- only gained .5 lbs in the last 3 months. Her head went from the 55% at birth to the 100% at this visit, hence my deduction that she must be brilliant. She said her first words this week- "dada" of course. We tested and she was consistantly talking to Pat, so it is official. She also started using her signs last week- "more" is the current favorite and she will still wave to anyone who will look at her. We are headed into the eye of the storm that is the holidays- I probably won't be back online until after the 27th- so Merry Christmas, enjoy the celebrations and family and friends. ~Brittany

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas is coming

This cracked me up...

Our entire family has been sick this week- but that doesn't stop the holidays from fastly approaching. the house is as decorated as it is gonna get, we have a full social schedule for the next two weeks and Rory is very curious about the tree and all that is underneath it. She is waving consistantly now and has also started signing the word "more". She also slaps her leg to call a dog- not a bad start in the sign language department. I am going to try and post more often, I just forget. I still haven't sent out the link, so as of now- now one is even reading this. I will try to send it out today. Hope all who may read this eventually are having a great holiday season thus far!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Rory's first christmas season

As we head full tilt into the holiday season, I am amazed at how much Rory is enjoying and participating in activities. I really thoughg this year would not really count since she is so young, but she has loved everything about it so far. She was totally into all the lights at both Sunriver and the Zoo and the newport aquarium. She loves all the "new toys" aka decorations mom has brought out and she LOVES the music. I think she is a natural little elf! Here are some pics from our Thanksgiving trip to SR. Rory's first Christmas events ever!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Blog Entry

After looking for a good way to share info/pictures about the happenings in our household, I think we finally decided that this would be the best medium. I have tried websites, shutterfly, emailing etc. but all are a bit more time consuming then I can commit to. So, we thought we would give this a shot. The other nice part is that you all can look at this as often as you want and it will be up to you as to how much you want to look at us! I was feeling guilty about bombarding you all with hundreds of pictures each month. For every picture that appears here, know there are probably ten that didn't make the cut, but I will try to weed through it and only add the really good ones! Rory literally changes on a daily basis, so I will do my best to keep this updated. Thanks for being a part of our virtual baby book!