Monday, March 29, 2010


Several weeks ago we tried a new portland adventure and took rory and her friend eli roller skating. they have preschool time at oaks park and it includes skates, a little lesson, and milk/cookies afterwards. i was shocked at how well the kids did and how much fun it was. the best part was that they allowed shoes and strollers on the floor so the mommies and babies could participate too. both the kids did really well and rory even ventured off by herself a little bit.
she was very into using her arms to balance
and even had the sahnow tongue out to help her concentrate.
lucy loved the music and they all loved the hokey pokey and the other songs. totally brought back memories of the skating rink in corvallis (can't remember the name). i was most proud of the kiddos ability to try something new, not be very good at it, practice and get better. they both took some good falls and there were very few tears, just lots of 2 year old determination. overall a very sucessful playdate and something i would recommend to all you portland moms out there.

Monday, March 22, 2010

shamrock run 2010

the maloney clan showed lots of spitit at this years shamrock run. it is a fun tradition and we even added a brunch at pat's parent's house afterwards. the only down fall this year was that it was the morning of daylight savings so getting the kids up, fed, dressed and out the door by 7am, which to them feels like 6am was tough. we logged about 4 miles and kept a good pace this year. this event combined with an afternoon at the kells tent rounded out our st. paddy's day celebrations. on the actual day we ate dinner at chevy's. I also had my first attempt at being a room mom. I led Rory's classroom in making st. patrick's day crowns out of paper plates. I was too busy (by busy i mean completely overwhelmed at how difficult it is to lead 15 2-4 yr olds in anything) to take any pictures, but the end result was so super cute and rory was really excited to have me in her class.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

funny conversations part 3

the last couple of days rory has been really funny. i think she is just figuring out this sense of humor thing and is starting to say things to get a laugh. of course, the first time it's funny and adorable and the 900th time, not so much. so here are a few roryisms from the past week...
1. we have only been to toys r us a couple of times, and not in her memory. we walked in looking for owen's octipus i promised him for his birthday (optimus prime the transformer) and rory said, "OMG, mom- look at this store!"

2.we were at a friends house and i told her to go get her shoes on. she says, " i will do it by myself, cuz that's how i roll." the best part was the swagger that came with it.

3.) pat and i were sitting one evening discussing how totally and completely lucy can destroy a room. we were describing how messy she is and calling her a grubby baby and rory pipes in with, " guys, welcome to my life."

and last, but also my fav. we were driving down i-5 and rory literally gasped and yelled, "mom, stop the car!". i, a little panicked, asked, "why?" she replies, "because i just saw cinerella's castle!"
yep, or the morman tabernacles- same thing.

to be continued this week i am sure as she pops off with more funny stuff. excuse my horrible grammer- still no shift key.

Monday, March 8, 2010

diaper suprises.

With Rory, you opened her diaper and you knew what to expect. Lucy is a different story. yesterday i found a cheerio, some carpet fuzz, and part of a toy. not sure how that works, but it is always amusing.