Sunday, January 24, 2010

a glimpse of spring....

My "add to blog" file is getting huge, meaning I am WAY behind on blogging, but instead of going back and being perpetually behind, I decided to start with 2010 and get caught up eventually. on that note, here are some pics from our venture to the park yesterday. It was a little glimpse of sunny days to come and was especially fun becuase it was our first trip with lucy as an active participant i instead of a passive stroller/ergo pack observer. she got to ride the tricycle for the first time and loved all the kids and dogs at the park. I am about half way through a video pat's dad got me about my camera and had a lot of fun playing around with some different settings. enjoy!
ps- for those of you who will notice that these are very lucy heavy, c'mon- it's about time!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I gotta dance part 2

I think I have mentioned in the past Rory's sudden urge to enter stores like abercrombie and holister. she walks bye, hears the loud techno-ish music and just has to dance. I finally got some video of it. The best part is that I am standing out in the mall, so the music you hear on my camera is the slow mall music, you can't hear the beat that she is dancing too. she cracks me up. enjoy!