Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Egg Dying

We had an impromptu egg dying session on sunday night with the girls and our buddy george. they all did great and stayed focused for quite awhile. i highly recommend the egg markers, it was much easier for the little ones to use and see immediate results, they weren't as into the traditional dye. stickers were also a huge hit. rory loved it and was very intent on getting the perfect shade of color with each egg. i was just impressed that we managed 3 kids with only 2 adults and the worst of the mess was lucy's blue hands. well-done!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

4 or 14?

no pictures for this post, but i thought i should write this down, b/c i will forget it and it is just sooooo Rory! Lately when I put Lucy down for her afternoon nap, Rory chooses to play quietly instead of laying down and napping, often waiting for me to get done so i can play with her. Today she says, ‎"Mom, today while lucy naps, instead of playing with you, I think i am going to listen to your ipod in my room and dance". For the next hour she DANCED (well, i think it was dancing, it sounded like a herd of elephants) with her door closed and the music loud (well as loud as an iphone can get). She came out twice for costume changes, and several times to see if lucy was up yet." She reported that Eric (yes, from little mermaid fame) was there and he was "rock and roll dancing" She is currently wearing high-heeled dress up shoes, a tiara, a tutu and wings and just came out quoting katy perry. Pretty cute, and I guess I better start editing what's on my ipod!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Easter party at Play Boutique

We hit the Play Boutique Easter party today and hung out with mr. bunny himself. Lucy showed no fear and crawled right into his lap. George was hesitant but very curious and Rory walked straight to him, pushing Lucy in front of her human shield style, the entire time. All in all a really fun morning.

serious hiatus.

I suck. I just stopped blogging for no real reason. I could go into how crazy the holidays were and then feb-march birthday onslaught, but instead of making excuses I am just going to try and make it better. This is the only record of my children's upbringing, so i vow to get back on track and at least add it back to my to-do list. Blog on!