Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mardi Gras

So I have been terrible about blogging lately, mostly because we are in the 2nd half of the term, so I suddenly have midterms to grade and a final to write, and actual work to do while at home. I will try to get caught up as well as be better from now on. So recently we were at our new home away from home HUB (Hopworks Urban Brewery). It is super close to our house, is totally green, serves great organic food (pizza, burgers, etc) and really yummy original organic beers, and best of all is totally kid friendly- so you can see why we basically live there. Anyway, we were there for dinner and Rory was totally flirting with this table of 30 something guys. Well of course she was wearing an assortment of accessories (she will not leave home w/o beads, glasses, hats, or some combination on her person) so they started calling her Mardi Gras. "uhoh here comes mardi gras again." they were really nice to her, but Pat was less then thrilled with the nickname or the bead wearing for that matter. (wait til he sees that I put up naked mardi gras pictures!!) I think this story lost it's point somewhere, so I will just add the pictures. THese are all from april and demonstrate her new love of accessories. sorry for the rambling... ps- I especially like that her beads frame her tummy- I am sure that this picture will torment her


AJ said...

That pic of her belly is hysterical! That will be the perfect baby picture torture device when she's older. So cute!!

drygoods said...

That is hilarious - I hope this isn't a glimpse into future partying days:). Love it!