Monday, February 22, 2010

Lucy's 1st Birthday Party

Lucy celebrated her 1st Birthday on Sunday with a little shindig at our house. I realize now that I was so busy I didn't get a lot of pictures taken of guests, but I think Madi took a few of the important moments. Lucy was pretty delicate with her cake- and wasn't as into opening presents as Rory was at 1, but did enjoy playing with her new things and liked the singing. I hope to get some time to write a little reflection about who she is at 1, but that will be seperate. Several people couldn't make it and asked for lots of pics, so that is why there are so many of the table/decor etc. Overall a fun day and Lucy so far has been a terrific 1 year old.

Tired baby- too many presents!

Her new Lucy golf t-shirt!

A very proud big sis!!!

Birthday girl and Grandma

Friday, February 19, 2010

lucy time

now that Rory is in school for longer hours, Lucy is getting some much needed only child time. Since the weather was simply amazing on Thursday, Aunt Madi and I headed for the zoo with Lucy in tow. SSshhhhh, don't tell Rory. It was fun, we got a good walk in, Lucy got some outside time with undivided attention, and she even started signing elephant and lion. We then picked Rory up from school and enjoyed a little picnic outside- makes me so excited for this coming spring and summer- and the sun that comes with it. The pictures are courteously of madi.

Monday, February 15, 2010

as her first birthday approaches

she embraces her inner super hero.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

sick days

multiple new posts- so scroll down.

We have had a sick house this last week. rory and i have been diagnosed with walking pnemonia and lucy i fear is not far behind. This has come with it's share of sleepless nights, cranky babies, cranky mommy, ridiculous coughing sessions, and generally no fun. It however has also come with a few really sweet moments.Yesterday Rory decided to read books to her dolls- it was just the sweetest thing. She made sure they could all see the pictures and checked in with each of them periodically to see if they were okay and liking the story. I like that all the dolls are dressed in pink, but she is rockin' her blazer pj pants. nice.
Then last night aunt madi came over and helped rory and i make cupcakes for today. It was super cute how rory just sat in front of the oven and waited for them to be done. we did the mini-muffin size which is perfect size for her. she loved all the measuring etc, she is getting to be a great cook.
lucy had to wash her blanket this week due to vomiting all over it from couphing so hard (i know, your jealous of my life) and rory offered to share her orange blanket while it was in the wash. for those of you who may not have seen rory in person lately- that is a huge offer- she is pretty attached to orange and usually gets mad if lucy even looks at it- so we were impressed with her generosity.
For those of you who are wondering where the sweet lucy moments are and where her pictures are- let me just be honest. it has been a rough week. before she got sick she just moves too fast to capture on film- i have lots of blurry streak photos that aren't worth posting. and since she has been sick she has just been too miserable to even function. she did fall asleep last night sitting up in my lap and clinging to my shirt- so that was sweet. looking forward to healthy kids next week.

shopping with daddy...

Pat has often tried to coax Rory out of the house on sat/sun mornings to run errands with him and give me a break. Usually she is not terribly interested in going, preferring to just give him orders for a steamer or specific groceries etc. Today however when pat announced he was going to hit the grocery store before it got busy (I am sure counting on a 20 min or less roundtrip), Rory promptly announced that she was going too. Since she was wearing 2-piece fleece jammies that basically looked like cozy clothes, we just said- sure, just go put on some shoes, but hurry because dad is ready to go. 10 minutes later she returns downstairs with new pj pants (she was very proud that she was able to change them herself), 2 hair clips (one of which was red/green with jingle bells on it), a pair of sunglasses, a necklace, and a thoughtfully packed purse/diaper bag. The content of her purse included a cell phone, a piece of paper she had scribbled her "list" on, her keys, and some 3d glasses left over from zoo lights. After 2 more trips upstairs to get shoes and other things she thought she needed they were off. It was so sweet how intentional she was about everything and how much she mimics the adults in her life. I think the time it took them to get out the door doubled the time they were actually gone, but it is a good chance for pat to practice patience and for them to have special time together. she even came home with a special tinkerbell heart balloon that he got her for valentine's day. why are dads and daughters so darn cute?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

funny sick talk

so rory came down with a fever last night and by this morning as a completely stuffed nose, fever and cough. not fun for anyone. what has been funny is listening to her talk. not only does she sound like elmer fudd due to the congestion, she is just saying completely random things- i don't know if it is the benedryl or the fever- but she is loopy.
conversation #1
out of a dead sleep at nap time she sits up and says "mom, sometime can we have eli over to play? like maybe next tuesday?" okay-rory, whatever you want- go back to sleep.

20 minutes later out of a dead sleep again. "mom we will get a kitty cat first named palmer (that is her grandma's cat's name) so baba and i will have matching kitty cats. then we will get a dog named scrabble. no, named lightbulb." okay rory- go back to sleep.

can't wait to see what she says next...