Friday, February 29, 2008

a whole new phase

So we have entered a new phase of Rory not only being very mobile both crawling and walking, but being very adept and interested in opening things. Currently the fav is to unload the pots/pan cupboard. She is so funny, the more noise the lids make, the happier she is. We officially installed the permenant baby gate (thanks grandpa stan!) and are on constant mischief watch! It is pretty cool to see how curious she is and how quickly she is able to figure things out. I think we are going to have our hands full. On a not so fun note, she is getting her 1-year molers and it is brutal. she isn't sleeping, is incredibly irratible, and seems to be in pain most of the time. I just hope they come in quick like her first group did- cuz this sucks for all of us. I am off to put the kitchen back together again, Britt

Monday, February 18, 2008

thoughts on mental health

So I don't know how many of you have seen the news about the clackamas community college student who wrote threats about a shooting spree on his my space page. He is not one of my students (thank goodness), but it has spurred quite the turmoil on campus and brought up many issues of student vs. staff rights, safety, and well-being. This is the one part of my job(or working in mental health in general) that i truly hate. I don't mind the long hours, the emotional exhaustion, the chaos, and even the really mean students- (in fact those are some of my favorites). It is the feeling of complete helplessness that I despise. For a control freak such as myself it is a hard concept to grasp. It also goes against my general (yet naive) belief that there is enough love, help, counseling, friendship, mentors to reach every lost kid. I hope this situation resolves itself and this student gets the help he needs. I also hope that the work I do with my students is enough that I never have to face this situation any more up close and personal then this. and lastly I hope to raise Rory in a way that she will not only never feel isolated enough to be this student, but that she will treat all other people in a way that maybe it will prevent others from feeling such complete dispair. Okay, enought rambling. time to go hug the baby!
PS- as if this week wasn't depressing enough, now I am old and I have a scary job. lovely.
I promise next entry will be back to pictures and happy tellings of Rory's latest acheivements.

Monday, February 4, 2008

killer superbowl party

So the days of our house hosting a huge superbowl party with lots of people, food, beer and general mayhem (I still have the picture of the year the keg shell ended up on the roof) are OVER. This year we did end up with a few people last minute, a little beer, a lot of food (thanks to Brianne!!), and still some mayhem. I can honestly say this year saw the most nudity ever! If you are wondering what is in Rory's hair- it is oatmeal- we are working on her spoon skills. Hope you all enjoyed the game (sorry AJ) and aren't in too much of a football withdrawl. ~Britt