Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Break in Seaside- recap

So Madi and I both had the week off from work for spring break so we wanted to do something fun. Sunriver was out b/c of the long drive and the weather and us only having 1 night to be away due to other commitments, soooo we decided to go to the beach with dad and linda. It was soooo fun. They stole Owen to join us so the four adults and 2 kids climbed in the mini van and headed to the Oregon spring break mecca- Seaside. It was great to go in one car- the kids helped entertain each other. This pic is of Rory sharing her pirate's booty with Owen. We did get some good beach time in, and did lots of activities on the first day. Owen loved the bumper cars and Rory was a huge fan of the carousel. She even gave her horse a kiss when she was done. She got lots of good grandma and grandpa time and even got to go swimming at the hotel. We stayed in a really nice suite and just played, played, played. It was great- we did have a dicey trip home b/c it started snowing! not exactly my vision of seaside spring break- but fun anyway. Rory also enjoyed the arcade- including the roll the ball game and dance, dance revolution, or DDR if you are cool. She was exceptional at the ride-on motorcycle game- a scary thought for mom. We ate corndogs, clam chowder, and elephant ears. We fed the sea lions. In fact I think in 24 hours we did everything there is to do in Seaside. Thanks to Dad and Linda for a great trip- and I now can't wait to take rory to the beach this summer- she is a natural beach comber. ~Britt

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drygoods said...

These pictures are great! She's such a cutie and I love the cousin love between her and Owen. hope we get to see you guys before she turns two:).