Friday, May 23, 2008

Rory on the party circuit

Since first birthdays are pretty important, they are also worth celebrating. We most recently attended Eli Whitinger's (lisa truong's son) 1st birthday party. Rory I think has figured out that these events are more then just play dates and particularly likes the singing and the special treat that comes with the candle! As soon as she hears the song and sees the candle, her eyes light up and she starts saying MMMMmmmmm, MMMMMmmmmm. She does love Eli and liked helping him open all his presents. She won the pin the banana on the tree and dug her box of take-home goodies. She is becoming a pro at this stuff and is looking forward to cousin Quincy's birthday in June. Happy Birthday Eli!


Shahnaz said...

I love the party dress! I hope she comes to Quincy's party decked out in sunglasses and beads!

AJ said...

I'm sad there were no beads too :) She looks so much like you in these pics!

KRK said...

Hey Brit! I just stumbled upon your blog (from Azla's blog to Carrie's blog to Robin's blog to your blog). Rory is adorable and you guys look super happy. I'll be checking in regularly so post some good stuff would ya?!?!? -Shinn