Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Zoo Trips

So we have been hitting the zoo a lot lately and I wanted to add some pics from various trips. Rory and I took Mandy with us one time (yeah for mandy being in PDX, and for having some time off! She just graduated from medical school, congrats Dr. Mandy) and another time we went on a Sat (talk about a zoo!) so that Madi and Pat could join us. Anyway, it is super fun to take her these days because not only is she totally thrilled with all the animals, she is getting more signs for animals, so she goes to each exhibit and signs the animal. It is really cool to see her make connections in that little brain of hers as well as be so able to communicate her thoughts. It is also super cool to see the animals respond to her. there have been several times when she will stand by the glass and an animal will come up and check her out as much as she is checking them out. Somehow they are drawn to the babies. I love the zoo in the spring b/c the animals are out when it is a bit overcast, and the crowds are generally lower. Also, Rory is totally growing taller, she is really confident in her walking and so she loves to just cruise all over the zoo, the stroller becomes just storage space. Joanne has been taking her on their days together too, so Rory is also very familiar with the gift shop. I don't think they know her name (I recently took her to a toy store near joanne's house and they recognized Rory and asked who was I and why do I have her.- I guess they have been shopping a lot!) yet, but she acts like she owns the place. It is pretty funny. Later, BrittPS- notice the beads, I am not kidding, they are a permanent fixture these days!

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