Thursday, May 22, 2008

OSU Spring game

A couple of weeks ago we headed to corvallis to celebrate Shahni's birthday as well as catch the OSU spring football game. For those of you not familiar, it is the greatest. The Beavers scrimmage each other so no matter what we win, tickets are only $5, you still get to tail gate, and the stadium is open seating so you can sit in great seats. It was super fun b/c this is the first time we got to see rory's reaction to all since last fall she was still fairly little. She of course was a champ and brought new meaning to tailgating. literally sitting on a tail gate but with sippy cup and banana instead of beer and brats. There were several highlights of the day other then the tailgating. my first fav (luckily no one got hurt, so it is just funny) was when pat was carrying rory on his shoulders to the game and ran her directly head first into a overhead pole that hangs the banner- it made my heart stop,but upon rory laughing we were all able to laugh as well. my next fav. was when the announcer yelled "James Rogers scores a touchdown" and Rory instantly threw her hands in the air. It was extra funny, b/c she kept insisting on having her own seat (one of the many reasons she may not attend many games in the fall) but wasn't heavy enough to make the fold-up seat stay down. So as she threw her hands up, she kind of got folded up in the seat- again she laughed, so we laughed. My last fav was our pre-game activity of attending OSU's vet. school pet day. It is essentially all the vet school students out there with all sorts of animals. they had a petting zoo, tiny chicks you could hold, horses you could ride, a million dogs, and a giant blow up slide to ride down. Rory was totally into it all. she loves dogs and usually I-spying just one can cause her to leave bruises on her chest as she does the sign for dog- with all of the dogs there i don't even knew where to start. She got to pet a duck, a goat, a horse, a huge irish wolfhound, and hold tiny chicks. Dad, linda and madi went with us and then brady and owen met us near the end. Owen loved the slide as did rory. she went on madi's lap the first time and then insisted on going alone- I was pretty impressed with her bravery as it was a fairly big slide- but she loved every minute of it. Pet day will definitely be a new spring time tradition! It also totally got me excited for football. soon enough, i don't want to wish away summer.... ~Brittany


drygoods said...

Rory's expressions while going down that slide have to be some of the cutest and funniest ones I have seen in a long time. Makes me want to go do it too if it means having that much fun. love the recent pics - she's going to be in kindergarten by the next time we see her:)Hopefully we'll see you guys and her before she turns two! xo, Keli

Shahnaz said...

Yea!!!!!!!!!!! I was so happy to see so many blog posts to catch up on when I got back from Sunriver. These are all awesome! Several of the pictures from all of these new posts caught Rory in expressions that look just like her daddy. She's such a doll! I love you, Rory!!