Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rory finds a friend that is a GIRL!!!

So Rory is surrounded by boy baby friends. Her cousins- boys, our friends who have had babies recently, almost all boys, even the classes we have attended have been boy heavy- so it was so fun to attend a BBQ at our friend Robin and Justin's house with some of their friends who have baby girls. One was exactly Rory's age (Addie) and Rory and her were very cute together. We even discovered later that they take swimming lessons at the same place. Robin has had her baby since these photos, welcome Jonathon Hawthorne, (yes, another boy!) but I loved the ones of Rory sitting on her belly (these were taken her 39th week). I also love the one of Addie giving Rory what appears to be a headbutt- but is actually an attempt at a hug. Anyway, we are excited to expand our baby friend circle and look forward to more playdates with this crew! PS- This post as well as the next few are from late may and early June- I got behind on my blogging. Now that I am stuck on a couch due to a knee injury I will get caught up and may be driven by boredom to blog incessantly until cured! I am sure you are all looking forward to whatever rants may come from my trapped little self. ~B

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