Thursday, May 22, 2008

Solo SR trip

So Pat and I had a free weekend near the end of April and so we decided to head to Sunriver. It was a weird time b/c it wasn't cold enough to ski, but not warm enough to swim or bike, so that combined with it being just us with no grandparents or visitors made for a very quiet and relaxing trip. We hung out, I went shopping, we cooked all our meals, went to bed early and hung out at the park with Rory. All in all an uneventful trip, but I thought it blog worthy due to these pics from the park. She tried the swing for the first time and was able to "pump" her legs to be a self-sufficient swinger- very cool. She also became obsessed with the slide and made pat send her down it like a million times. All the sudden the choice on the maloney's part to buy the house next to park instead of on the golf course is looking like absolute brilliance. Enjoy the pics. ~Britt

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