Tuesday, February 2, 2010

funny sick talk

so rory came down with a fever last night and by this morning as a completely stuffed nose, fever and cough. not fun for anyone. what has been funny is listening to her talk. not only does she sound like elmer fudd due to the congestion, she is just saying completely random things- i don't know if it is the benedryl or the fever- but she is loopy.
conversation #1
out of a dead sleep at nap time she sits up and says "mom, sometime can we have eli over to play? like maybe next tuesday?" okay-rory, whatever you want- go back to sleep.

20 minutes later out of a dead sleep again. "mom we will get a kitty cat first named palmer (that is her grandma's cat's name) so baba and i will have matching kitty cats. then we will get a dog named scrabble. no, named lightbulb." okay rory- go back to sleep.

can't wait to see what she says next...

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Lisa said...

Too funny! Sorry to hear Rory's not feeling well.