Sunday, February 7, 2010

shopping with daddy...

Pat has often tried to coax Rory out of the house on sat/sun mornings to run errands with him and give me a break. Usually she is not terribly interested in going, preferring to just give him orders for a steamer or specific groceries etc. Today however when pat announced he was going to hit the grocery store before it got busy (I am sure counting on a 20 min or less roundtrip), Rory promptly announced that she was going too. Since she was wearing 2-piece fleece jammies that basically looked like cozy clothes, we just said- sure, just go put on some shoes, but hurry because dad is ready to go. 10 minutes later she returns downstairs with new pj pants (she was very proud that she was able to change them herself), 2 hair clips (one of which was red/green with jingle bells on it), a pair of sunglasses, a necklace, and a thoughtfully packed purse/diaper bag. The content of her purse included a cell phone, a piece of paper she had scribbled her "list" on, her keys, and some 3d glasses left over from zoo lights. After 2 more trips upstairs to get shoes and other things she thought she needed they were off. It was so sweet how intentional she was about everything and how much she mimics the adults in her life. I think the time it took them to get out the door doubled the time they were actually gone, but it is a good chance for pat to practice patience and for them to have special time together. she even came home with a special tinkerbell heart balloon that he got her for valentine's day. why are dads and daughters so darn cute?

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