Sunday, February 7, 2010

sick days

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We have had a sick house this last week. rory and i have been diagnosed with walking pnemonia and lucy i fear is not far behind. This has come with it's share of sleepless nights, cranky babies, cranky mommy, ridiculous coughing sessions, and generally no fun. It however has also come with a few really sweet moments.Yesterday Rory decided to read books to her dolls- it was just the sweetest thing. She made sure they could all see the pictures and checked in with each of them periodically to see if they were okay and liking the story. I like that all the dolls are dressed in pink, but she is rockin' her blazer pj pants. nice.
Then last night aunt madi came over and helped rory and i make cupcakes for today. It was super cute how rory just sat in front of the oven and waited for them to be done. we did the mini-muffin size which is perfect size for her. she loved all the measuring etc, she is getting to be a great cook.
lucy had to wash her blanket this week due to vomiting all over it from couphing so hard (i know, your jealous of my life) and rory offered to share her orange blanket while it was in the wash. for those of you who may not have seen rory in person lately- that is a huge offer- she is pretty attached to orange and usually gets mad if lucy even looks at it- so we were impressed with her generosity.
For those of you who are wondering where the sweet lucy moments are and where her pictures are- let me just be honest. it has been a rough week. before she got sick she just moves too fast to capture on film- i have lots of blurry streak photos that aren't worth posting. and since she has been sick she has just been too miserable to even function. she did fall asleep last night sitting up in my lap and clinging to my shirt- so that was sweet. looking forward to healthy kids next week.

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