Saturday, February 28, 2009

It has taken me a full week, but here are the pics from Lucy's birthday. Of course there are a ton more, but until I figure out how to put them in slideshow form, this will have to do. Overall it was such a great event. It went as well as you could hope, very peaceful and relaxed and quick! All the grandparents got to come in fairly soon after her birth and madi did a great job of capturing at least one picture of lucy with each of them
Rory got to come in as well and meet her new sister. She wore her Dr. outfit and charmed all the hospital staff.
Through out the rest of the day we had visitors and hung out and celebrated. Shahnaz and the boys made it at the end of the evening and the cousins got to meet.

Literally as Lucy was born there was a double rainbow outside the window!
In the week since then things have gone so well. Rory has taken her new role as big sis very seriously and is even starting to ditch the binky a bit more since that is only for babies like lucy! She is very concerned for lucy and if she cries rory immediately says "quick, get orange blanket" (orange blanket is rory's trusty companion who she recently started talking on the phone to) or sits next to her and sings. It is such a different experience this time, with Lucy continuing to be super mellow. she does try to nurse 24/7 but we are working on that. anyway, thanks for all your well wishes, phone calls, texts, and visits. Lucy is one lucky girl.


hillary77 said...

Welcome to the world, Lucy Mae! She is beauoootiful. Congratulations Pat, Brittany and Rory!

Love from Sabine and Hillary

Heather Dion McPherson said...

Big congrats Brittany! She's is beautiful. I LOVE the little smile on Rory's face in the pictures when she's looking at her new sister. You're a very lucky Momma with those two girls.

- Heather Dion McPherson

Karla said...

Congratulations Brittany, Pat, Rory & Lucy! Your daughters are beautiful!!!