Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lucy Mae Maloney

Just wanted to briefly introduce Lucy to the blog. She was born on Sunday at 4pm (checked in at the hospital at 1:30), after a fast and furious labor and delivery. I avoided being induced which was awesome and overall the process was much more peaceful and enjoyable then Rory's birth. THe timing was perfect and lots of family and friends were able to meet her. I am totally sleep deprived and am typing like I used to type term papers, half asleep and unaware of what I am writing until I go back and read it later. Soooo, here are the stats and then I will add more later.
Lucy Mae Maloney
DOB 2-22-09 4pm
9lbs, 10.6 oz
21.5 inches

Pictures and details to follow... post nap!


The Copeland's said...

Yay!! Congrats!!!

Rebecca said...

Welcome, Lucy (love her name)! We look forward to meeting you. xoxox The Badgers