Friday, February 20, 2009

41 weeks

just an update.... No baby yet. I am 6 days past my official due date and 12 days past my ultrasound due date. Things are going fine- just getting very big and very immobile. Rory reports that the baby in her tummy is coming soon and that it kicks her and makes her lay down because her back hurts. This has been a great lesson in just how much our kids mimic and learn from our actions- it is like having a constant reflection of what I say and do, including the groans when I sit down- although hers are a bit more dramatic! She also reports that the baby in her tummy is a boy and that it will be named catherine- so go figure. At 36 weeks I was convinced we were having this baby early, and Pat promised everyone a January baby- so just goes to show how much none of us really knows about this process. Unless something happens this weekend we will induce on Tuesday. As of today this baby is officially a pisces instead of an aquarius. If it comes tomorrow it and I would share a bday, which would be fine with me. So thank you to all for the calls, emails, texts and well wishes. We are fine and just trying to live in the moment and enjoy these last days of being a family of 3 and of having the ability to easily get a babysitter! Pat and I went to the blazer game on wed. and the man who works in our section who has watched me get bigger and bigger throughout the season was SHOCKED when he saw me there- he just started laughing at me. none of us thought I would be at that game. We had dinner at Montage afterward and Channig Frye was there- he is my favorite Blazer so that made the night worth the trekking to the game. I am definitely starting to ramble- thanks for all your nice thoughts- now start focusing on an easy and pain free labor- those exsist right? I will text/email/blog with any updates!


drygoods said...

I just read the beginning of this post to Rob and we couldn't stop laughing about Rory's baby:) It's so true that kids pick up from their parents and she sounds cuter than ever. Good luck with the next few days - we'll be thinking about you!

Klinkhammers said...

I thinking sharing a birthday is a great idea! You're in our thoughts! It's going to be painfree and fast...certainly!