Friday, February 13, 2009

39ish weeks.

So mandy and I got a coupon for free pictures at babies r us when we went to register her for baby stuff, so we decided to recreate the cheesy highschool back to back picture ala prego style. I think they are actually pretty cute, and actually the only pictures I have of my belly this time around. She is around 25 weeks so just starting to really pop- I on the other hand look like not only have I popped- I am nearly going to burst. This was last week- this week is even worse. The 8th was my ultrasound due date and it has come and gone. Tomorrow (Happy Valentine's Day btw) is my official due date and I suspect will come and go as well. My Doc is okay letting me go 10 days before inducing (something I am trying to avoid) so if nothing else we will go in to be induced on the 24th. I guess I might have to return the aquarius onsie I bought- I really can't believe that this baby wasn't early- go figure. I am still content to enjoy my last days of relative freedom, but am getting increasingly immobile and uncomfortable. Rory and I have been hanging a bit closer to home lately as the outings to OMSI, the children's museum etc. are just exhausting at this point. I think next week may be a long one- but we will embrace it as our last as a family of 3! One way or another we are days away from welcoming miss or mr maloney into the world! We will keep you posted and wish me luck!

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Lisa said...

Those are great! I especially love the back-to-back :)