Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a playdate at the Gilbert House

We recently visited the Gilbert House in Salem. Lisa lives there and Eli and Rory are at a great age to get together and let them run around while we all talk. We did decide that having the third unattached adult (in this case, Mandy) was essential as we found that in that place you need to out number the kids. It was a really fun day and there was lots to do. I think the favorite was the bubble room and then the HUGE outdoor play are with music, slides, and whimisical decor. I am not a huge fan of Salem (sorry, not trying to offend anyone) but this definitely is a good place to go, and is 1/2 way in between portland and corvallis so is convenient for family get togethers. After we left there we went to lunch with 2 sleepy babies and managed to make it through the day successfully. At lunch Rory was obsessed with sharing her blanket with Mandy- she kept making mandy smell it. When she gets tired she rubs her blanket under her nose so I am sure she was just trying to be sweet, but it was very funny. It was fun to get to hang out with the ladies and Rory and Eli are pretty cute together. Rory being older and bit of a bull in a china shop tends to overwhelm Eli a bit, but overall they were sweet and did lots of sharing! We'll see if that lasts as they both enter into their second year. See I told you my blogging would get more frequent and tedious the longer I was stuck on this couch!!! ~Britt

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