Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday Mandy!!

So not a Rory centric entry, but noteworthy. Mandy turned 30 and we celebrated with some wine tasting and a great dinner at a really good Italian place (Alba Osteria on Capital Hwy for you pdxers.) We were supposed to go hotair ballooning as well. We arrived at 5am (yikes!) only to have them cancel it due to weather. We were then stuck down in salem until the wineries opened at 11- so what else could we do but hit Spirit Mountain Casino? I won some cash playing craps- and it definitely was a unique way to spend the morning. It was also the first time we left Rory for both the day and night. Needless to say she did great and even slept through a fairly heavy thunderstorm. I think now it's time to start planning a whole weekend away. vegas anyone? Anyway, it was a fun day- Happy Birthday Mandy

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