Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Furball... limp to the links

So a little background info on Furball. It is a fundraiser that Pat's family puts on each year. It is to benefit a camp that hosts pediatric kidney patients for the summer and allows them to attend sleep away camp while maintaining their dialysis and medical care. One of Pat's cousins died of kidney disease at 24 years of age and he had worked and loved this camp. Furball was his college nickname. So anyway, Pat's cousins Mike and Shannon have hosted a 3on3 basketball tournament for the past 8 years and it has always been super fun and something that we have supported and helped with. This year they decided that everyone is getting too old to play basketball (the injuries were starting to rack up) so they moved it to a golf tournament. I love this idea b/c you can have lots more people participate and include families. This June was the first Furball limp to the links and it was a HUGE success. not only did they more then triple the money they raised from years past, it was just a really fun event. Rory and I ran the putting contest in the morning and then returned for the dinner at the end. It was at the oregon golf club and I thought Rory looked especially country club in her little pleated dress- I swear she has somehow channeled my grandma ding's style-between all her accessories and her fashion sense- she is an old soul. (and yes, she has her own fashion sense. at 15 months she has started wanting to pick out her own clothes and having protests and opinions on what goes on her body. it may be a long 17 years...). The team we sponsored this year was Pat, Evan, Brady and Brian. Brian won a driver (I can't remember what for- maybe for just being a super good golfer?) and was nice enough to give it to Pat. They all had a great time and I think this will continue to be one of our favorite family traditions.

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Shahnaz said...

Hey Britter,
Maybe you should be couch-bound more often. Just kidding, but I do love seeing all of the new posts on your blog. Even though I'm pretty up-to-date on the goings on of Miss Rory and her parents, it's still fun to read your posts and see the pictures. I'm SO looking forward to my day with our 3 kiddos at the zoo tomorrow! I promise to do my best not to leave any of them there.