Sunday, March 30, 2008

march madness

So as mentioned in the last post- March is absolutely insane with birthdays. check out the sahnow boys blog for a good recap- shahnaz did a good job of documenting. We celebrated Madi's 23rd bday by taking her to the Dublin for a little "Boys next door" (a great cover band that has been playing there since long before MY 23rd bday (which I also spent there)). Anyway, we cooked dinner for a few of her UPS friends and then hit the Dub. It was fun to get to meet her friends and have a night out sans baby. Then came Owen's 3rd bday. He had a pirate themed party down in corvallis including a full blown treasure hunt and costumes. it was absolutely adorable and Rory got to participate a bit by riding with the older kids in the pirate ships (wagons). Next was Rory's 1st bday which we celebrated with 40 of our family and a few friends. She was a champ- she made it through the whole crazy day with a smile and impressed all with lots of flirting and signing. She liked the little bug cake I made her and of course tried to grab the flame of her 1 candle. Fun was had by all and she was so wired afterward she didn't go to bed until 10pm- lucky us. It was also National Corndog Day ( so we watched some bball in the afternoon and tried to put our house back together post party. I stipulated no gifts on the invite- but that didn't fly so we had tons of wonderful new things for her to play with and find a place for. Then last week we had Pat's 33rd bday which he and I celebrated with dinner at Oba- always a fav. And we finished this crazy marathon off with having tons of old friends in town for the fake, oh I mean fantasy baseball draft. This basically means 10 boys in my basement playing cards on friday night, and then disappearing all day to do their draft and then reappearing for a big group dinner on Sat. at a local pub. It was fun to see those guys and fun for them to get to meet/see rory. I will add pics to this post later, but for now, Spring Break is officially over and I have to get back to work! good night, Britt

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Shahnaz said...

Hey Britt,
I just wanted to say how great Rory's party was. Congrats on making it through the first year!!!