Thursday, March 6, 2008

A little old

So this clip is a bit old, but I had so much fun watching the video of cole badger on his blog, that I thought I would attempt to start figuring out how to add video to ours. since our camera does take video, I had some old footage. This is of Rory and my friend Nicole's daughter Sierra with Madi at OMSI. It was right after Rory learned how to dance. ~Britt

Since I added the video, I might as well add a few of the cute pics of them as well. Rory is around 9.5 months at this point and Sierra is around 6 months I think. As you can tell from the first pic Rory is using her age and newly aquired kissing skills to make friends with Sierra.


Shahnaz said...

That's awesome! When does her daddy teach her the backward somersault move?

AJ said...

I LOVE that shirt. It makes her look so cute.