Sunday, March 9, 2008


Just a few pics of Rory's new favorite sunny day activity. Bubble, bubbles and more bubbles. At least it is a cheap habit. I am loving the nice weather and am dreading the dark and rainy days that I know are still in store before summer. In one of the pics you see her newest super cheezy smile and in one you see her new favorite sign "come here" it looks like a low baby wave. She likes to use it when I am asking her to come to me, as if to say, "no mom, you come here." Ah the next 15 years ought to be fun... Enjoy the pics, britt

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Shahnaz said...

Fun!!! I love the 2nd picture down. The way Rory is looking at the bubble is awesome. She looks totally entranced. Yea for bubble weather! Oh, and I love the outfit!