Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunriver February trip

i do realize it is almost may and i am just now getting to blogging about something from february- but as my new mantra goes, "i am doing the best i can!"
we visited sunriver at the end of february, in what i am sure will be a new tradition. evan, renee, brian, brie anne, brady, shahnaz, the boys, and our troop headed east for a long weekend. it was tons of fun and included lots of hanging out, some games and even a little outside time. no snow on the ground this time, but that just meant the kids could enjoy the park and they even played a little baseball. my favorite was rory and owen playing outside on the deck, sweeping the pine needles.
evan, renee, brady and i hit the slopes one day leaving pat at home with the girls. it was a lot of fun and reinspired my love of skiing. it was also cool, b/c brady and i haven't skiied together in more then a decade. some things never change, as the first thing out of his mouth was a challenge to a race down the hill. those were the highlights- the down side was lucy was a horrible sleeper for the 3 nights leaving me a bit exhausted and overwhelmed. i am looking foward to next year, when we just have kids, no babies- i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Brian, Carra & Logan Cadman said...

The girls are so grown up! Where does the time go? Great photos.

Rebecca said...

Such cute pictures of all the kids! We're going to be in Sunriver in August. Hopefully we'll overlap with you guys.