Thursday, May 6, 2010

Teacher Appreciation Week

Here are the gifts I made for rory's teachers for teacher appreciation week. I signed up to bring a small gift for 2 different days- and then the school collected money to do bigger gifts from all the kids. These are packs of 10 handmade cards- a variety of sayings, and a little magnetic board w/magnet. I still need to figure out the other day- but wanted to post these so i remember the idea for future years.

This project as well as the entire week of solo parenting have been brought to you by the letters C, O, F and E and our featured sponsor.


Rebecca said...

Those gifts are adorable, Brit! Lucky teachers.

CB Miller said... I most impressed by the solo parenting that you were doing, the quality of your projects, that you had time to complete the latter while completing the former...all said, I'm generally impressed! How wonderful!!!