Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

*********Just added a post on Lucy's 1st bday, but you have to scroll back to feb.22nd.*******

Happy Easter!
We started the weekend off with some intense egg decorating on friday night. Rory preferred the glitter paint, while lucy was into the egg markers. Both worked very hard and really enjoyed it.
Saturday, we went to an Easter party at rory's school but we were having too much fun to take pictures so I will have to wait for the school to email me their's before i can add them. Sunday the girls woke up to a bunny trail (m&ms) that had been left for them starting at the top of the stairs and windind all the way downstairs to their easter baskets. Rory's favorite thing from the easter bunny was the m&m's and lucy's was the super hero cape that was left for rory.

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