Wednesday, April 7, 2010

sunny days

It seems like forever since we've seen the sun around here, but these pictures taken in late march prove that it was in fact here. Mandy and george stopped by after work for some outside hanging out, some snack, and some really cute kiddos. Rory was very excited to bust out her outside toys including the bubbles and her golf clubs. you could tell how much she has grown this year, b/c her golf clubs were all the sudden way too small (thanks aunt madi for the new taller set) as were her pants appearantly. Lucy was into the bubbles and in general just rolling around on the grass and taking rory's stuff. George seemed most into the snack. he LOVED the goldfish crackers (really, who doesn't?) and used his new found mobility to creep up and try to sneak rory's away from her. they are all so cute, especially together. I can't wait for some beautiful spring oregon days- this week has been brutal. I am most excited to just have the girls be able to play outside for extended periods of time. we are working on our wish list for summer toys and our list of ways that rory can earn money to buy said items. rory is also excited to help me garden this year and we are going to plant a kid garden section that they will choose, plant, maintain, and eat/pick. George also shows signs of walking and will be toddling around in the back yard soon i'm sure. get ready summer, here we come!



What fun! Your girls are getting so big. It's great that we all blog to keep each other updated since it's been forever since I've seen you!

Malooney Momma said...

I love the way the light and shadows spill across Rory's face in these shots ... and she's OWNING that hat! :)