Monday, March 29, 2010


Several weeks ago we tried a new portland adventure and took rory and her friend eli roller skating. they have preschool time at oaks park and it includes skates, a little lesson, and milk/cookies afterwards. i was shocked at how well the kids did and how much fun it was. the best part was that they allowed shoes and strollers on the floor so the mommies and babies could participate too. both the kids did really well and rory even ventured off by herself a little bit.
she was very into using her arms to balance
and even had the sahnow tongue out to help her concentrate.
lucy loved the music and they all loved the hokey pokey and the other songs. totally brought back memories of the skating rink in corvallis (can't remember the name). i was most proud of the kiddos ability to try something new, not be very good at it, practice and get better. they both took some good falls and there were very few tears, just lots of 2 year old determination. overall a very sucessful playdate and something i would recommend to all you portland moms out there.

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