Wednesday, December 19, 2007

She's brilliant...

So Rory had her 9 month well-check today. Other then a cough and runny nose they basically said she is brilliant. I think the doctor was most impressed when Rory tried her distraction technique and was able to steal not only the doctor's pen but her paper clip as well- all in one stealthy motion. She is leveling out on the growing- a bit of a sting bean- only gained .5 lbs in the last 3 months. Her head went from the 55% at birth to the 100% at this visit, hence my deduction that she must be brilliant. She said her first words this week- "dada" of course. We tested and she was consistantly talking to Pat, so it is official. She also started using her signs last week- "more" is the current favorite and she will still wave to anyone who will look at her. We are headed into the eye of the storm that is the holidays- I probably won't be back online until after the 27th- so Merry Christmas, enjoy the celebrations and family and friends. ~Brittany

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