Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Rory's 1st Christmas

Although we have several events to chronicle- and I hope I get time in the next few days to catch up on posting pictures from our various holiday celebrations, I just wanted to add a few things from Rory's first Christmas morning. It is fitting that the only sign she knows is "more" after ripping and eating each piece of wrapping paper, she would excitedly sign "more". I think she has the spirit of Christmas pretty much down- just kidding. It is wonderful to be in our own home, with our tree and new stockings and see how excited she is for each new treasure that comes her way. She also started calling her grandparents who are here by their name, Baba, Papa and grandma- still no mama, but that's okay- I love how excited the grandparents got- it added to the feeling of Christmas. And of course, it was sheer delight when we finally realized (thanks to a phone call from Aunt Lynne) that it is snowing. (we don't have time to look out the window- we have to look at the baby!!) It is so cool that Rory(and Quincy, and Eli, and Cole, and Finn and Tate and all the other 2007 babies) have a 1st Christmas that is a white Christmas!! I hope each of you has a wonderful holiday. For those of you we don't get to see, I hope this helps share Rory's 1st Christmas, and for those of you we got to celebrate with, THANK YOU for making her first Christmas so special! Merry Christmas! ~PB&R


Cole said...

Wow, Rory got to eat wrapping paper! I'm jealous! I can't wait for next Christmas for that kind of fun.

See you in Sunriver ... Cole

Susan said...

It looks like you all had a wonderful time. Now on to SunRiver. Thanks for posting all the beautiful pictures and little stories. I know I'll keep up and love seeing your family grow.
Happy New Year to all.
Susan (Grandma Klinkhammer)

Cole said...

(This is not Cole)
Rory Ann, there is a part of you that is Peyton reincarnated! I love the wrapping paper in your mouth, and I have some great pictures of you with your patent leather shoe in your mouth on Christmas Eve. You are a delight! I love you so much!
Aunt Shahnaz