Wednesday, May 26, 2010

off to the hospital

it's almost time to get up to go to the hospital for rory's tonsil surgery. i have been up since about 3, got up with lucy and then my brain took over and no sleep to be had. i did have a very vivid dream that i remembered. it was pretty typical i think for the current situation, just my brain processing the natural fears that go along with surgery- the weird part was the enormous role that facebook played. rory had not made it through surgery, and while pat and i were still talking to the dr. and getting all the info our phones went crazy with people saying they had heard it on fb. then at the funeral our normal friends and family weren't there, but the far reaches of our facebook friends list were. so bizarre. also- the funeral was essentially the scene from the church in the last episode of lost- nice, i think my brain has been taken over by social media outlets and pop culture. anyway, even though i have been up for hours and stewing a little bit, i feel really good about the day. not much else to share in this post, just taking advantage of the inherent theraputic effects of journaling/blogging. rory totally figured out the whole "i am having surgery tomorrow" angle and got dinner at her favorite restaurant, dessert w/o sharing, tv before bed, a super late bedtime and got to sleep with us. crazy treats all around! in the middle of the night she was restless and obviously having a nightmare. she kept saying "i don't want to, i don't want to" i immediatly start my internal monologue about how we are traumatizing her and she is processing her fears about surgery in her dreams. next sentance out of her mouth "i don't want to share that book with you." okay, so i guess she was processing her fears- the worst fear of a 3 year old, forced sharing. gotta go rally the troops- more to come later.

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KelKel said...

I wish I had known you were online at 3am; I was awake and could have tried to talk you down. I've heard that all is well and that you survived (as did she, of course!) I'm so glad this ordeal is over for all of you, and now she can start milking you for all the ice cream in the greater Portland area!

Love you guys bunches!