Saturday, December 5, 2009

funny rory conversations...part 2

this was written awhile ago- but i finally got around to revisiting old posts and getting them up.

I have every intention of getting caught up on posting pics/blogging about recent events- but for the sake of being realistic i wanted to post a few things before i forgot them. also- i realize i don't use caps anymore when typing, it is because lucy removed the shift button from my computer.
conversation #1
after returning from getting a temporary (and very metallic) crown put in at the dentist rory and i were talking about dentist visits in preparation for her first visit. i thought she would be apprehensive when she saw my tooth, but instead gasped and dramatically said, "oh mom, it's gooorrrrrgeeeeooouuuussss!!!" now periodically she will ask to see my pretty tooth.

conversation #2
after a lengthy conversation about what it means to practice something (like swimming, and figuring out her new toys, her new bike, etc.) rory adds..."yeah, like how i have to practice being tall"

she makes me laugh every day.

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