Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Rory and Lucy are blessed to have 3 fabulous cousins, two of which get to act like their big brothers respectively. Watching rory and owen together is like watching a flashback to 1980- they just physically look like brady and i, not to mention the same hero worship dynamic. meanwhile- quincy is tickled to have lucy around and is so cute with her. i just think he is excited to not be low man on the totem pole anymore as evidenced by the mischevious smile/laugh he was giving while "playing stickers" with her. The other fun dynamic is rory and quincy together. they are only 3 months apart, a gap which is quickly narrowing. they look like twins and are never to be left unsupervised! owen is also super sweet with lucy, although he loves to show how strong he is by carrying her around. luckily she just sort of hangs in his arms and waits to see where it is she got transplanted. he will make a great babysitter in about 7 years. now if we could just get to see sabine more often, all would be right in the world of cousins.

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