Monday, December 7, 2009

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

The tree is up. 2 days, 3 phone calls to parental units for advice, 1 trip to home depot, a lenthy tree wrestling match staring pat and i vs. the tree, 2 power tools, 3 saws, a living room that looks like a grand fir massacre and finally a visit from a tree elf that looked surprisingly like pat's dad- but the tree is up. Our annual trek to the deep west side for Helvetia cheeseburgers and helvetia tree farm was a success. sunny skies and super cold- but rory loved it. she is at such a fun age because she doesn't remember anything else but is old enought to be excited by it all. when i was explaining to her the process of going to get a tree and cut it down to put it in our living room, she looked at me like i was crazy and said, ''why do we do that?". good question kiddo, good question. my other favorite comment from her today was while we were home all day cleaning the house and setting up all the decorations she put her hands on her hip, holding an ornament and said, "mommy, christmas is hard!!". i agree.
like i said, the tree is up, let the festivities begin!

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