Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rory's understanding of college...

recent conversations we have had about college with Rory.
Conversation #1
Me- (driving by our local elementary school) Rory, there is your school that you will go to after preschool.
Rory- when i'm older?
me- yeah. you will go to that school and then middle school and then high school and then college.
Rory- will you drive me to college or will i take the yellow bus?

conversation #2
Pat- You know rory, Notre Dame is more then just football, it is a college and you could go to school there (shameless!!)
Rory- okay daddy, but I kinda of like my school- it is pretty neat.

conversation #3
Rory- mom, who's that picture of? (while looking at blogs)
me- that's mommy's friend wendy and her family
Rory- who's wendy?
me- she's a friend from college.
Rory- maybe someday i will go to college and meet her, she looks nice.

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