Tuesday, August 11, 2009

funny rory conversations...

So Rory is quite verbal these days and pretty funny too. I just wanted to write these down so I don't forget them later. you may or may not be as amused as I am!
(repeat from fb)
me: Rory, why don't you go play coffee shop?
Rory: okay- mom, do you want a coffee or a caramel machiato?
me: a caramel machiato? what is that?
Rory: It is a coffee drink. I just need to know if you want salt or pepper.

since then the conversation has gone...

Me:rory- usually people don't put salt or pepper on their coffee, they usually put cream or sugar.
5 minutes passes
Rory: mom- here is your coffee and I added sour cream for you.

Another amusing conversation from this morning. We had been home all morning and Rory had spent most of the morning w/o a diaper (not by design, I just hadn't gotten to it yet!) and had used her potty several times on her own.
Me: Rory- I am noticing that you are using your potty a lot today and doing a great job. Does it help you to remember to use the potty when you get to be naked?
Rory: Yes, then I will be on the potty train.

seriously, she cracks me up. on a Lucy note- she has fully mastered sitting up and is so anxious to follow her sister around she has started to sort of launch herself from a sitting position onto her belly, hands outstreached in hopes of getting to her desired destination, which is usually rory. She gets around in all ways but crawling and has showed just how tough she is by not even blinking when her head has met hardwood floor.

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Jill said...

I'm so glad that you post these Rory-isms. What a character! Can you guys meet up again anytime in the next few weeks?